Video Reproduction and Conversion

Do you seldom watch your precious slides or home movies because your projector is broken or too difficult to set up? Video transfer is the easy way to watch and preserve your family memories. Your slides, photographs and home movies come alive on TV!

Video Conversion Services

Transfer your vintage 8mm, super 8, movie film, slides and VHS tapes to DVD for all of the family to enjoy. Time will fade your images, old movie film will become brittle, and your memories will be lost forever. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of our transfers. Dividing the initial cost among family members will make the project very affordable.

Full Service Video Lab

  • Home movie, slide and photo transfers to DVD, Blu-Ray or flash drive
  • Scattered Pictures® Video Photo Album
  • Duplication to DVD, Blu-Ray or flash drive
  • Conversion to and from PAL / SECAM

Archival to Digital Format

For your convenience, all film, photo and slide transfers are archived to DVD or flash drive. This allows for the best preservation of your memories and easy transfer to the newest formats.

Movie Film

  • Choice of background music
  • Conditioning of the film
  • Minor film and leader repair
  • Editing out of black and clear film
  • Monitoring and adjustments from start to finish
  • Choice of DVD or flash drive

Please note:

  • Please number your reels in the order in which they should be played. We cannot guarantee the order if the reels are not numbered.
  • Number each reel directly or with labels; do not use sticky notes unless secured.
  • All empty film boxes will be returned to you.
film estimation guide for video conversion

Regular 8, Super 8 and 16mm Silent Film

Minimum transfer order - $99.95
All prices are based on film footage, not time

Footage / Approx. Time (reg/super 8 only) Price
up to 100'
400' (30 minutes)
800' (60 minutes)
1200' (90 minutes)
1600' (120 minutes)

(one DVD or flash drive)

Larger Film Orders (based on 100' increments)

1700' to 4800' - $0.23 per foot; 4900' to 9600' - $0.21 per foot; 9700' and above - $0.19 per foot

Sound Film: Super 8 add $.05 per foot; 16mm add $14.95 per order
Mixed Orders (2 or more film types): $15.95 first change; $5.95 each additional

Slides and Photos

Service includes:

  • Each slide / photo is individually shot by hand.
  • Adjustments are made for cropping (especially for verticals. Black borders may show on slides.)
  • Each slide / photo dissolves into the next slide photo (no black or blank image between).
  • Since projectors are not used, the transferred image is far superior to other transfer systems.
  • Slides of any size or shape including glass, 3D, metal and 2¼" can now be transferred to video with exceptional results.

Price includes: One DVD or flash drive and choice of one style of our background music listed below.

  • Easy Listening (instrumental-memories / sentimental)
  • Rock & Roll (50s, 60s and 70s)
  • Big Band (40s era - instrumental)
  • Light Classical (An assortment of the Old Masters)

Hint: There are certain limitations to viewing images on television. Large groups of people, panoramic scenery shots and fine detail do not show up well and should be limited. In addition, vertical shots often need to be cropped.

Title Sheet

Titles make it easy to identify dates, places and faces. They can be requested before any photo, slide or reel of film.

On a separate sheet of paper, clearly print or type the desired titles. We cannot take information off of reels or boxes.

Titles are computer generated by the lab (white letters on blue background).

Basic Title: consists of up to ten (10) words. 1-5 titles: $9.95 each; 6 titles or more: $8.95 each.

Additional words: Titles over ten words, add $2.95 per five (5) words.

Minimum order for slides or photos - $99.95

Slides to movie file (Flashdrive)/DVD
1 - 200
201 - 400
401 - 600
601 and up
$1.59 each
$1.39 each
$1.19 each
$1.09 each
1 - 200
201 - 400
401 - 600
601 and up
$1.89 each
$1.59 each
$1.39 each
$1.29 each

For best viewing, each slide / photo is shown for 6 - 8 seconds

Supply your own music on CD or cassette: $15 per hour for CD; $20 per hour for cassette. Your supplied music is played continuously from the beginning with no editing or synchronization.

Mixing Photos and Slides: Photos and slides can be mixed but format charges apply. $15.95 first change; $5.95 each additional change.

If you would like to pick out individual music selections and add titles to create an unforgettable gift, ask about our

Scattered Pictures Video Photo Album®

Perfect for celebrating an anniversary, birthday, wedding rehearsal, graduation or family reunion. Makes any occasion extra special.

Transfer your digital videos or Movies to DVD/Blu-Ray

From your USB or flash drive

  • Up to 60 minutes - $24.95 for DVD - $29.95 for Blu-Ray
  • 61 to 120 minutes - $34.95 for DVD - $39.95 for Blu-Ray
  • 121 to 180 minutes - $44.95 for DVD - $49.95 for Blu-Ray

    Depending on the quality of your digital video/movie will determine if they can be best used on a DVD or Blu-Ray
    DVD can be played on Blu-Ray players, but Blu-Ray can NOT be played on DVD players.

Duplication Services

Duplication to DVD

Original can be VHS, VHS-C, Super-VHS, Video8, HI8, ¾"
(To or from Betacam, DV, miniDV and any other video formats. Please inquire for pricing.)

  • Up to 60 minutes: $19.95
  • 60 to 120 minutes: $34.95
  • Each additional hour over 120 minutes: $15.00 per hour
  • Additional copies: $10.00 each
  • To flash drive add $10.00

10 Day Guarantee

Adjustments are made during the transfer process to ensure the best possible results. Any requests for further adjustments or corrections much be made within 10 days of receipt of your order and are subject to the lab manager's approval.

To or from PAL/SECAM VHS*

  • Up to 60 minutes - $24.95
  • 61 to 120 minutes - $34.95
  • 121 to 180 minutes - $44.95
  • Each additional 60 minutes - $10.00
  • To PAL Video8 add $10.00
  • To PAL HI8 add $15.00

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